Mother’s Day Special

It is such a privilege to write a very simple article in honor of our Mother…
Mothers are considered wealth of every individual.
Becoming a mother is no joke.. it has no undo, no rewind..

Mother takes all the household responsibilities at the same time her profession.
Her love and affection for her children would speak of her being selfless…
Prioritizing her family first before herself..

To all the mommies all over the globe:

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Nothing is Perfect

God created everything in perfect unison with others. He assures that everything is balance. Just like comparing how we live..

There are the so called 1st world countries… famous, powerful, rich, advance, etc.
and there are 3rd world countries.. as if never heard names, dependent with other country, poor, etc.

There are rich and there are poor..
There are good and there are bad..
There are literate and there are illiterate..
There are people who have much while others have none..
There are people who are so blessed while others are oppressed…
There are professionals and there are labourers..


God allow these in order to make our world balance..
if He would not allow these, how could each one appreciate what they have?
as an example, if God allow all of us to be rich, how can we share our blessing?
if God allow all of us to be professionals, who will do errands and general labour for us?
if God allow all us to be literate, who will listen, who will be educated?

That is why there is plus and there is minus
There is multiply and there is divide

Only God is the perfect of all..

Gift from God

An expectant mother is always happy, excited and too nervous on the day when they have to give birth.. it is always mixed emotions.. but mine is different..

Our son always tells us his dream.. his dream of becoming a “kuya” (an elder brother).. “taas po ng pangarap di ba?”..hehehe..that’s why when he was 5 yrs old, we grant his dream.. I got pregnant with our second child..

Last July 16, 2007 I was admitted to De La Salle University Medical Center (UMC) not because I will gave birth.. but why? (you might ask).. well, that is because I am hard headed.. prior to that date, I was advised by my doctor to take rest..bed rest.. actually, I followed her advice, I was bed rest for 10 days..and she told me to have another series of bedrest.. that is, from july 15 until I gave birth..

you might be wondering why I am advised by my doctor to do that.. during that period of my pregnancy, I am suffering from high blood BP would reach as high as 160/100 compared to my normal and previous BP(on my first child) which is only 90/70..

but for me, I could still manage it.. so, I asked her to give me a medical certificate stating that I could go back to work.. hesistantly, she still manage to give me but always reminding me that it is still best for me to stay home and bed rest.

so, early morning I go to work.. i felt okay, but on my travel going home, I have a very different feeling.. my abdomen is too heavy, its like I would pee and how I wish I would be home soon.. finally, I reached our house, and I bleed.. I am afraid, but i should not.. I should be strong.. I keep on telling myself, that will be fine.. my husband is too nervous and keep on telling me i shouldn’t go to work..I should be at home.. I am so hard headed.. why I didn’t listen to him.. etc..etc..etc..

We went to a nearest maternity lying in to ask for assistance, but they told us, that we should go to our doctor..since I have a doctor, and she can’t admit me. So we went to the hospital where my doctor is, but she advised us to go to UMC so that whatever happens to me, that hospital could accomodate my needs since it has complete facilities like incubator and other machines needed just in case.

July 16, I was admitted to that hospital..I have a bedside medical intern, doctors, and my new OB(bestfriend of my real OB).. they monitor everything on me since the night I was admitted.. I also suffered from so many injections ..high dosage of magnissium sulfate (used to prevent me from seizure).. I have almost 12 injections on my two shoulders, and ass.. and everytime I was injected with that drug.. oh my.. it’s like hell.. too hot to the point that I need extra air..I can’t breath (take note: the aircon is on its lowest degree)..while i am feeling hot, all of the people around me are chilled. imagine that? and a lot more of sufferings..

I managed everything with God’s help.. I keep on praying..we keep on praying that everything will be fine.. that eventually, I would go home and wait for 2 more months before delivery.

On the afternoon of July 19, my new OB told us that I could go home and continue bed rest until I gave birth.. Thanks God! I promised to my self, I will now be obedient.. I would not be stubborn.. even though it kills me..the thought of and imagining myself doing nothing again at home, just laying myself on bed.. counting the lizards on the ceiling.. watching movies..watching tv programs.. ah… too boring..

around 9pm on that day, I asked my husband to assist me coz i want to pee.. unfortunately, I was bleeding again.. oh my.. what happened?.. I just prayed “Lord, you know our desire.. I want to have my baby delivered normal on its due date..but Lord, if this is your will, let it be done..”

9:30pm my new OB arrived and told us that we have to terminate my pregnancy.. (what??? ) she told us that we should undergo emergency ceasarean section.. because I am now suffering from pre eclampsia and Abruptio placentae.. well, I don’t understand what she means about those terms..I am an I.T. professional anyway and what I understand, they need to send me to emergency room and need my baby out..

again, while they were pushing my bed to emergency room, I keep on praying.. asking God to be with me.. asking him to give me more strength.. asking him that my baby will be saved.. and that nothing would happen to both of us..

10pm, she was born.. two years ago.. a gift from god was born..
she was 1.25kg that time.. I wasn’t able to see her immediately, I have to go to Neo-natal Intensive Care Unite.

small world

Hi there! i was really amazed on how things happen.. and how interesting world would be…

I met a pretty young mommy (of my age bracket..hehehe..)from Montreal, BC Canada. Her family just moved here in Calgary, AB Canada about a few months ago. We got acquainted in the same church we used to attend and eventually become friends.. But I know nothing more about her.. except of course the names of her husband, children and herself.. we came from the same city in the Philippines and that we belong to the same church.. but we never knew each other way back in the Philippines.. as in no chance to know one another there..

We’ve had at most 4 instances of talking with one another(ever since we’ve met until now), sharing thoughts and experiences but for a short span of time only.

Yesterday night, we have more time to talk.. and along in our conversation, we’ve mention about our schools and she finally asked me, do I know a name like this…she tell the name, and you know what? We have a common friend… the name she asked me is her and my friend’s name.. what a small world!

But here, after discovering that my friend is also her friend, I realized something.. actually an affirmation of my belief.. that God has a plan why we have this chance of meeting other people, have a chance to talked with them even though we’re not their friends..

i couldn’t just imagine how big the world is, and yet God makes it smaller for us to see your friend or your friend’s friends, your relatives, your relative’s relatives…

Accept and Thank God for all the people we met and acquaint with ‘coz He uses them in His perfect ways..

life’s a journey

From the book of Earnest Tan entitled along life’s journey he says there: “our journey begins the moment we decide to live”.

yeah.. life is a journey.. indeed a long long journey that each of us continuously experience. and that we should go.. and should cherish every moment of our journey..

in every journey we pack all the things we need.. our basic necessities, like clothes, sleeping paraphernalia, and most especially food and water so that we are ready anytime in case we need them.

packing all the things we need are not merely referring to material things.. we also have to packed within us the courage, faith, hope and sacrifice to continue with our journey.

we need to have courage.. the determination to go on.. to walk farther.. to move.. to reach to our destination.. even though we feel all the sweat in our body and our tongue comes out because of being exhausted, that there are so many hindrances in our path, and sometimes or more often times we hold back.. but we still need to push ourselves to go on.. because we want to reach our GOAL.. we want to reach to that destination that only us know…

we need to have faith.. faith is something that we could not see nor touch.. but faith is something that we believe in.. it’s contradicting to the saying “to see is to believe”.. in having faith, we do not need to see to believe.. in faith, we first need to believe for us to see.. to see God’s perfect plan for us..

we need to have hope..and hope is interrelated with faith. Both faith and hope are theological virtues which are spiritual gifts of God according to Wikipedia. In addition, “hope is not a physical emotion but a spiritual grace” (wikipedia).. hope is something within us that exists and sustain us from all trials and difficulties in life.. when we have hope, we look forward to positive outcome and by faith, we live and cling to that hope.. that someday.. somehow, we could reach the end of our journey.. no matter how, no matter what..

we need to sacrifice.. it adds to the flavor of life.. for us to deeply appreciate the sweetness, we need first to have a taste of bitterness… all things do not come in just an instant.. all took a long process.. even these instant foods around us.. before it was packed to be an instant food, it undergo process.. transformation.. time.. undertakings.. just like life..

In order to live, we need to sacrifice. Just what Jesus did for all of us.. He died.. He sacrifice his life in order for us to live. just like Christ, we need to endure the pain, we need to be selfless.. we need to think what is beneficial for all.. eventhough it would compromise our own feelings.. our happiness…
but at the end.. after winning the struggles, the hardships, the pains, the sacrifices, we could the taste the sweetness of our victory..

a victorious journey is the one coupled with courage, sacrifice, hope, and faith.

and I want to end this article with this:

“Towards the end of our journey, we collect a sackful of precious memories of a life fully lived” ..
from Earnest Tan

Ten Chu…

you might be wondering what “TEN CHU” means?…

I have a new friend named Paulo.. he’s turning 2 tomorrow. hmm actually today..coz its early morning now..hehehe.. I am fond of him ‘coz of three reasons:
1. He always reminds me of my daughter (turning 2 next month).
2. He is so talkative.. and when he talks, he always accompany it with facial and hand expressions.
3. He is appreciative..

He always says “Ten chu” everytime he is given a favor.. and everytime he wants to..
have you guessed the meaning?
right… it’s his way of saying Thank you..

I am happy because at his age (actually, he’s saying that eversince I came here in Calgary 3 months ago) he appreciate little things in life.. he has his own little way of giving back the gratitude..

and it’s a reflection that in everything we do and everything that happens, let us be like this appreciative and give thanks… “give THANKS TO HIM Continue reading


have you noticed the date on my page’s header?.. that was june 21, 2009..OUR CAMP has just ended.
We’ve been to Eagle’s Lake RV Resort at Strathmore, Alberta last june 19 upto june 21, 2009.

It was really an enjoyable experience, being back to nature.. appreciating God’s wonderful works.. the lake, the trees, everything.. it’s very calming and a way of destressing yourself..hehehe..

look at the road on the picture.. it is only one way.. going towards one direction.. straight forward.. no left turns, no right turns.. not even u-turns..
just like us.. we need to go straight forward.. no left, no right. for God is only there… infront of us.. we need not to look at our sides, and back.. just look towards him.. no other roads..


I was the one who took a photo of the cars.. actually, the white car is my friend’s car.. acy and jon with paolo (their son) was there..

they lead us to our way home..
just like in life..

God uses instruments to lead us back to HIM..


I loved to teach minds, touch hearts and transform lives.